We are Onyx Protective Services.

Onyx Protective Services offers security for locations including, but not limited to: Apartments/HOA, Corporate Campuses, Churches, Construction Sites, Hotels, Movie Studios, Office Buildings (Small & Large), Restaurants, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Access & Parking Lot Control, Automotive Dealers, Schools, and Warehouses. We also provide security services for special events at your preferred location.

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Our Mission

Onyx Protective Services strives to be a partner in the security and protection of client’s assets with security guards as a major tool in that protection. Our mission is to provide our clients with top-notch security and customer service. We work with our clients to provide customized plans to prevent break-ins, to save money on inventory loss, to limit property damage and keep residents and employees safe. Unlike far too many security providers, we are no mere broker between clients and security guards. Instead our administration and security officers serve as partners to our clients to protect their assets in the ways that work best for those clients’ individual needs.

We know how to leverage that asset to provide security services that greatly exceed our customers’ expectations. From our office staff manning the phones to the guards walking the rounds and filing the reports, we hire only the best. Our security staff is the central tool of our client protection services, and our highly trained office staff helps them to offer more than other services can. We offer our customers the service of superior security and the security of superior customer service.