Mobile Patrol Security Services

Onyx Protective Services
Mobile Patrol Division

Onyx Protective Services offers a wide range of mobile patrol services, also known as roving or security patrols. We provide site-wide security for residential gated communities, commercial properties, construction sites, as well as addressing numerous other situations, such as alarm response and emergency response for natural disasters, with services that are customized to your needs.

Our mobile patrol division is designed to accommodate customers who do not require a permanently posted officer, but have a need for security services. These services provide after-hours door checking lock-ups & unlocks, welfare checks, alarm response, and various other duties.

Uniformed patrol officers in marked patrol vehicles can enhance safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Our patrol officers, combined with solutions designed specifically for our clients, ensure the continued security and safety of your employees, guests and property. If an incident does occur on-site, our patrol officers are trained and ready to respond immediately, appropriately, and in a professional manner.

Mobile Patrol Services

After Hours Door Checks

As a service to clients with or without on-site security services, Onyx mobile patrol officers will perform nightly checks to ensure that your facility is empty, your alarms are set, and your doors are secure.

Alarm Response

Rather than having the police or management respond in the middle of the night, Onyx offers alarm response services. We will search for forcible entry and dispatch police as needed. We will ensure that late arriving employees are authorized to enter the facility. And, we will ensure the alarms are reset after the facility has been searched and secured.

Closing Time Lock-Ups

Onyx Protective Services provides late hour lock-ups services. At specific times that you determine we will lock and secure trailers, outbuildings, swimming pool areas, offices, and many other facilities.

Calls For Service

Our mobile patrol services are available for after-hours checks per management request. We will check for everything from small appliances that may have been left on to checks to potential risks including but not limited to trespassers on the property.

Opening Time Unlocks

Opposite of our closing tme lock-ups, Onyx Protective Services provides opening time unlock services. At specific times determined by our clients, we will open the facility we locked the night before.

Parking Enforcement

Coupling our mobile patrol services with an effective parking management system allows us to maintain a timely census of your parking facility at any given time, deterring unauthorized vehicle parking, and ensuring parking spaces are available for owners, tenants, patrons, and their guests.