Security Guards On Location

Onyx Protective Services will provide your facility with professional, professionally trained, uniformed security guards scheduled during times that you specify. Each security guard is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with the post site requirements.

Our Officers.

Onyx Protective Services provides our clients with highly trained, professional, well-equipped security officers. As the client desires, each officer is issued a uniform or works in plainclothes. All officers are issued equipment appropriate for the job requirements. If desired, clients may select customized uniforms in order to reflect their business identity.

A dedicated security officer assigned to your property provides an entirely different value to the property, tenants and community. A dedicated security officer makes a clear statement that, “We take our property security seriously, security is here and security is looking after your assets and safety.” The officer does this by conducting proactive foot patrols, interacting with those on-site, making constant observations, responding to calls for service, investigating issues and much more. The dedicated officer is trained to specific needs of the property and has the opportunity to learn first-hand the community’s needs on a daily basis. He or she will be there, during all contracted hours of coverage, solely dedicated to the needs of your property.


We maintain a friendly and courteous approach in all that we do so that all of our security and safety personnel are approachable, competent, and helpful. We continually strive to provide the highest customer service for every client.


The professional manner and reliability of our security officers and the dedication of our management staff all contribute to Onyx Protective Service’s reputation for exceeding client expectations.


Our performance standards are the highest in the industry and are supported by a multi-tiered evaluation and measurement of our training process.