Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed answers to frequently asked questions about our company and services below.
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An unarmed security officer is a person who performs the functions of observation, detection, reporting, or notification of appropriate authorities or designated agents regarding persons or property on the premises that individual is contracted to protect, and who does not carry or have access to a firearm in the performance of their duties.
An armed security officer is a person employed to safeguard and protect persons and property or deter theft, loss, or concealment of any tangible or intangible personal property on the premises he is contracted to protect, and who carries or has access to a firearm in the performance of his duties.
The trends today are towards the best local management. National companies can and do have good operations, but consistency and turnover are real problems. A good service experience in one market does not guarantee a good experience in another market. In contrast, OPS, a regional supplier, has focused capabilities and a better understanding of local influences, such as employment, risks and threats, regulation and liabilities. Our local management has the responsibility, accountability and authority to address issues quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, our narrow geographic focus allows us to concentrate resources and manage our customers’ needs.
Our rates are extremely competitive within the industry, and with our years of expertise and size of our staff, we can help you manage virtually any security need. One of the most important aspects of our service is the level of customization available. We are available for a short contract (useful for traffic control or event security), short term use (construction site security is a great example of a short term security need), and long term contracts as well. Depending on your needs, you may require slightly different contracts to cover a variety of uses.
Yes. We offer a traditional police style uniform, with company patch and our badge. In addition we can offer a softer/concierge style uniform consisting of a blazer and tie. Our Executive Protection services are provided by plain-clothes officers.
Our training program consists of classroom training that covers state laws and general security procedures. In addition, all security personnel receive specific on-site training for each individual client. All security officers are properly trained before starting their assignment.
The security guard checks in and off duty using an automated software system, that verifies the officer’s location and keeps a record of when the officer is on duty. OPS has supervisors out in the field that routinely monitor the performance of all team members. Through their supervision, training and inspection our clients are assured of high quality service.
Depending on management needs, daily security reports will be provided for each guard/patrol shift. Additionally, incident reports will be provided if a security violation occurs. This would consist of any criminal activity, any property loss or damage, or any injuries occur on the property.
Onyx Protective Services carries commercial general liability, commercial automobile liability and workers compensation insurance.
You can expect all of our guards to be: On time, in uniform, well groomed, oriented to security work, thoroughly instructed on duties, and supervised.
Our proactive approach to security management allows us to respond to situations and events before they become problems. Prevention is the highest form of security.
We offer security for locations including, but not limited to: Apartments/HOA, Corporate Campuses, Churches, Construction Sites, Hotels, Movie Studios, Office Buildings (Small & Large), Restaurants, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Access & parking lot Control, Automotive Dealers, Schools, and Warehouses. If their is a type of property not listed, please contact us to inquire. Chances are we have you covered.
Onyx Protective Services is fully licensed and insured.

Our PPO license number is 16982.

If you need further information, please contact us at (866) 990-6699.

Our operation’s policy is to assign the same guards to the same accounts, but if a client requests that we rotate the guards, we are happy to do so.